Highlander Marine Services is proud to offer specialized marine support with a commitment to
delivering a high level of professional service.

Danny Robertson 

Danny grew up on the water "messing about in boats” and as a transport Canada certified captain has built his career in the marine industry using experience gained from commanding vessels in various roles such as sail-training, towing, tour boats, youth programs, and water taxi/crew boats.He is a community-minded individual who enjoys working with people and is committed to the support and the development of the marine industry on Haida Gwaii and the North coast.


Nika Collison 

Nika comes from a family with a long history in commercial fishing and whose culture is deeply rooted in maritime heritage. She is community-minded and strongly committed to the development of the marine community on Haida Gwaii and the north coast. Nika has keen business sense, excellent organizational skills and diploma in financial management, and is currently the Executive Director and Curator of the Haida Gwaii Museum.


Trent Moraes

Trent’s marine experience comes from a lifetime growing up on the waters surrounding Haida Gwaii. His background in the marine industry includes commercial fishing, sports fishing guiding, acting as camp coordinator for a marine based remote location youth cultural camp and being a skilled food gatherer helping to feed his family and community. Trent is a natural leader with a strong sense of professionalism and his calm and friendly demeanour make him a pleasure to be around. Trent is an important part of the team and plays a vital role as manager for Highlander Marine Services.


Our Captains and Deck Hands

By hiring Highlander Marine Services, you’re not just getting the best service possible. You’re also getting the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping to build capacity in our local north coast marine community. We are committed to providing opportunities for community members as HMS has a roster of local captains and deck hands that are committed to providing top rate professional service required to assist you in getting your job done.

Nika and Danny proudly support local business and economic development on Haida Gwaii. Their other business is a vacation rental property on the North end of Haida Gwaii. Click here to visit their website.