Welcome to the gallery page. Below are a series of categories and pictures illustrating some of the work we do. Please click on pictures to see a larger image and caption.

A short fun video clip we created of Highlander Marine Services on the job. We just completed a heli-lift for some work we were doing and on the way back we passed our vessel the Highland Ranger heading in on a contract. We had the pilot do a fly over….boats + helicopters = fun!

General marine support and transportation service

From helping in the planning to the moving of construction materials, vehicles, fuel tanks, youth groups or even totem poles and horses - if you need it done - we can do it for you. 

Salvage and clean up

With our fleet of aluminum vessels, easy on/off capabilities for crews and equipment and our quick speeds we can respond to many different salvage or clean up needs. From spill response to beach clean up - we’re trained and ready to go.

Dive operations support

What ever the project, above or below the sea, we offer a great platform to work from.


With 500 horsepower, solid tow posts with towline guides rails and “pushknees” mounted on the front of our vessels we can help support or wrangle your towing needs.

Marine logistical support and project management services

Highlander Marine Services offers more than just vessel support using our high speed landing craft. We can manage your logistical needs or handle contracts in every detail for you. From planning remote operations for research or construction projects to supporting educational, expedition, work or pleasure trips. We’ve done it all and can take the hard work out of your project planning.

Just what is it like working with Highlander Marine Services?

Working with us is so easy and takes so much stress out of the job you can kick back and take a nap!