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Global News:
Haida Gwaii caught in the midst of world plastic pollution.

British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii islands, with their long, rugged coastlines, temperate rainforest and unique wildlife, attract people from around the world to an area often referred to as ‘the Galapagos of the North.’

But what most travellers don’t expect to see on their visit to Haida Gwaii is the amount of plastic waste that washes up on the islands’ supposedly immaculate shores.
— Yuliya Talmazan


Running a marine business on Haida Gwaii is hugely rewarding as we get to work in some of the most stunningly beautiful environments anywhere on our planet.
— Danny Robertson

2015 kii.ngaay:
A year in review

Watchmen and visitors to SGang Gwaay have a lot
to celebrate this year; the completion of a beautiful
new Watchmen cabin nestled into the shoreline on
SGang Gwaay [...] built by Highlander Marine
— Gwaii Haanas Staff
Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 12.23.57 PM.png

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Western Mariner Magazine:
New Marine Venture Set to Fill a Niche in Haida Gwaii

Part of the focus of the company is to build capacity by providing work opportunities to local Haida Gwaii young people who aren’t sure where to start or how to get into the marine industry.
— Capt. Barb Howe

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Western Mariner Magazine

SBC Surf Magazine
Equinox: An Autumnal Journey in Haida Gwaii

There’s a place off the coast of B.C. enveloped by a mist of legend and tradition. Isolated from the mainland and swamped with nature’s bounty, it’s a place where the weather changes by the minute, yet the land stands still for centuries.
— Arran Jackson
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SBC Surf Magazine